Plane Engine Cover Flies Off During Takeoff in Terrifying Video

Published On 10/19/2015 Published On 10/19/2015

"Window seats are fun," they said. "Look out the window, it's beautiful," they said. Note to self: always listen to your inner voice of paranoia and never to "them." On a flight from Santiago, Chile to Copiapo, passengers learned the hard way that plane takeoffs are not always the stuff of Instagram dreams.

A passenger recording the takeoff of an Airbus A319 captured a scene that justifies a fear of flying. As the plane gets going, the engine cover tears from the plane and goes whirling into the air. Word on the street is planes aren't supposed to disintegrate as they ascend. Staying intact is really essential. Obviously, the pilot had to head back to the airport. Turns out the part that ripped off was inconsequential, but the crew was worried that the engine cover may have struck another part of the plane.

Still, this is the stuff of nightmares and will give you one more reason to legitimately reconsider pulling a John Madden by just taking a bus everywhere.

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