Plane Makes Nightmare Landing During Intense Windstorm

Wild windstorms swept across Northern Europe late last week. Winds hit 90 mph, ripped roofs off buildings, and made it hard to walk in the street. The storm was severe enough that Amsterdam's Schiphol airport had to be closed temporarily.

A video of one pilot's landing shows how perilous the winds were for air traffic. A Eurowings pilot is seen coming in for a landing at the Düsseldorf Airport, which is an airport known for windy landing strips, reports CNET. A much larger plane struggled with crosswinds there in a video that went viral last fall.

According to the video's description, at the time of this landing winds were gusting at 68 mph.

The footage, shared by German planespotter Hans van den Hövel, shows a plane swaying in the crosswinds. It's the kind of landing that could make a steel-stomached air traveler nauseous. However, the landing has earned the praise of many aviation enthusiasts in the comments. Despite the intense swaying, the pilot puts the plane down like it's no big deal and taxis casually to the gate after a smooth landing. 

Crosswinds are certainly something pilots have to deal with, but this is pretty intense. 

h/t Mashable

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