This Pilot Making an Emergency Landing Merges Into Traffic Better Than You Do in a Car

Merging is a stressful experience. It's likely that most of us will never get over the moment of terror that is accelerating your speeding metal deathtrap to join the other speeding metal deathtraps. But that's because we're cowards. 

For an example of someone who is not a coward, check out this video of a pilot making an emergency landing and pulling a flying metal deathtrap in front of the speeding metal deathtraps. If you're feeling bad about your merging skills right now, that's only because you should. This remarkable feat of aviation happened on October 19 -- a day that shall live on in the history of stressful driving maneuvers -- in El Cajon, California. 

The person who filmed the video told Viral Hog: "My husband and I were driving on the freeway and the plane went over us. My husband said it was doing an emergency landing so I got my phone out to record it. We later found out that it was a student and instructor and there were engine problems so the instructor took over and did the landing. Nobody was hurt in the process. We drove by hours later and the plane was on the side of the freeway being taken apart."

Student and instructor, we salute you.


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