A Plane Passenger Tried to Bring Mummified Monkeys Home from a Trip

At first, he said it was dried fish.

Some people go to Africa and try to bring back sand from the Sahara. Other travelers try to smuggle home mummified monkeys. And before you ask, yes, some recent travelers were almost successful in doing so, had it not been for the great work of a really good boy.

On Sunday, news was made public that, last month, a passenger entering Boston Logan International Airport by way of the Democratic Republic of Congo was caught with four mummified monkeys in their luggage. As the Associated Press reports, the total weight of the bushmeat (raw or minimally processed meat from wild animals) in question amounted to roughly nine pounds.

Bushmeat is illegal in the US, as it poses a large disease-carrying threat. "The potential dangers posed by bringing bushmeat into the United States are real," Julio Caravia, local port director for Customs and Border Protection, told AP. "Bushmeat can carry germs that can cause illness, including the Ebola virus."

Nine pounds of dried up monkeys couldn't certainly fool an airport customs dog, who successfully sniffed them out. When questioned, the passenger said he was transporting raw fish, but further inspection by TSA officers revealed the truth. Reportedly, the passenger then proceeded to explain he brought the mummies into the US for his own consumption.

While authorities pressed no charges on the individual, their luggage was seized, and the bushmeat ordered for destruction by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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