Video Shows 2 Men Opening, Closing Plane Window Shade in Ridiculous Power Struggle

Some reasonable people may be surprised to hear that seat reclining on a plane is controversial. They'd say sure, it's not in the Constitution, but the airline designed the seat so that passengers are allowed to tip backwards. Considering the lack of leg room and the way the seat-back screen is positioned, however, it sort of makes sense that others wish ill will upon the reclining person in front of them.

This is not the case for windows. Every row has a window and a window shade. No other row has access, nor should they attempt to have access, or else their trespassing hand will be forever cursed by the skyway overlord. And now we can watch the curse in action, with a video of two grown men in separate rows fighting over the same window. 

The video was posted on a popular Instagram account called Passenger Shaming, however, it's unclear when the incident occurred. The man with the camera is closing the window shade of the man in front of him. We all know who is right, and who should be condemned, but we are placed in the perspective of the antagonist in the plot, potentially forced to reflect deeply on ourselves and see the cruelty that lies within.

"All windows were to be open for descent per this airline request," says the caption on the video, "hence why [the] dude in back had his open." They are both opening and closing the shade and saying things to each other. The man in front says "leave me alone" and calls a flight attendant, who arrives promptly and is visibly perturbed. We're not sure if she ended up taking serious action.

"Not fake. These. Are. Grown. Men," the caption says. But, hey, it's a video on the internet. You're safe being skeptical.

Travel & Leisurenoted that it's a particularly strange situation because the man filming had his own shade open.

At this time we are unsure whether or not the man was throwing literal shade because the other man reclined his seat, but we will maintain that belief for now in order to maintain our faith in society at large. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.