'Planet Earth II' Finally Puts 360-Degree Video to Good Use

Published On 11/13/2016 Published On 11/13/2016

It's only been a week since a baby iguana narrowly escaping death went viral and everyone remembered just how incredible the Planet Earth series can be. Planet Earth II, though it's not yet released in the U.S., is underway in the U.K. It's a series that does many things right. Add 360-degree video to the list of things it's doing well.

In a new 360-degree video, narrated by series narrator David Attenborough, the BBC takes you behind the scenes of that incredible iguana scene. The 360-degree camera is not only used to show the film crew rehearsing how they'll move during that scene and explaining what's happening on the beach, but it's also used to great effect to show seals swimming, the iguanas sunbathing, and a flock of blue-footed boobys enjoying a sunset. 

Even if you have a very affordable headset, like Google Cardboard, to watch 360-video, it's often not worth the effort. However, Planet Earth II and the BBC are putting the technology to great use. Whether it's a behind the scenes look at the creation of the show or just a look at the environment around the scenes you've seen, it appears nature documentaries can benefit from using 360-degree video as supplementary material.

Watch the behind the scenes look at the iguana shoot above. Below, watch a 360-degree video of snow leopards from Planet Earth II's episode on mountains.

h/t The Verge

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