Everyone Gets Free Pizza, Bagels & Workouts at Planet Fitness on Sunday

Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness

Kettlebell-thrusting lumberjacks don't really care if you're bad at planking, especially at places like Planet Fitness, a franchise that prides itself on being the "judgment-free zone." But a gym free of judgment seems a fantasy for many who have never stepped foot in the establishment (or shopped at Lululemon), hence the value of opportunities like Planet Fitness' "carbs and cardio" pizza, bagel, and workout party this Sunday. 

The special event will take place from 7-10am and 4-7pm (local time) at Plant Fitness locations across the country in celebration of both National Bagel Day and National Pizza Day on February 9. Basically, anyone 18 years-old or older can walk through the door, plank badly, eat some bagels (7-10am) or pizza (4-7pm), and never return again -- or they can fall in love with the feeling of blissful anonymity and sign up for a membership.

Psst... PF has a promotion for newbies, from now through February 13: You just pay 25 cents to begin the membership and start your $10 monthly payment in March. This is low compared to other gym prices and, honestly, there's no need for an exercise bike that takes you through Australia's Munda Biddi Trail when you're just working up to three miles.

This is not the first time PF has offered free food to gym-goers. The company's generosity dates back to 1999, when one New Hampshire club ordered pizza during a day-long shortage of hot water. It also won't be the last of free pizza and bagels, so, if exercise isn't in your goals, PF can help you accomplish fleeting moments of gratitude and joy. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.