Plant-Based Yogurt Recalled Nationwide Because It May Have Glass in It

The recall affects over 13,000 cases.


If you have recently purchased plant-based yogurt, you need to go and check your fridge. According to Food Safety News, Eat Real Foods LLC is recalling six flavors of Culina yogurt because there is potentially glass in the food. In total, 13,725 cases of the plant-based yogurt were distributed nationwide.

Courtesy of Culina

The affected products are listed below. All listed products are packaged individually in 5 ounce glass containers and are sold in cases of 12 jars each.

The Plant Based Yogurt Culina Blueberry Lavender flavor UPC is 854724007117. The lot code is 06122CBCUCYBLL0711 and 07422CBCUCYBLL0711 and has best buy dates of 10/31/2022 and 11/13/2022.

The Plant Based Yogurt Culina Bourbon Vanilla flavor UPC is 854724007094. The lot code is 05622CBCUCYBOV0709 and 08422CBCUCYBOV0709, with best by dates of 10/26/2022 and 11/23/2022.

The Plant Based Yogurt Culina Plain & Simple flavor UPC is 854724007087. The lot code is 06022CBCUCYPLS0708 and 08422CBCUCYPLS0708, with best by dates of 10/30/2022 and 11/23/2022.

The Plant Based Yogurt Culina Strawberry Rose flavor UPC is 854724007100. The lot code is 06022CBCUCYSTR0710 and the best by date is 10/30/2022.

The Plant Based Yogurt Culina Peach Cashew flavor UPC is 854724007254. The lot code is 06122CBCUCYPCB0725 with a best by date of 10/31/2022.

The Plant Based Yogurt Culina Mango Orange Blossom flavor UPC is 854724007230 with a lot code of 07422CBCUCYMOB0723 and a best by date of 11/13/2022.

If you have any of the above products in your home, you should not consume them.

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