A New Airline Is Coming With Cheap Flights Now That WOW Air Is Dead

The last time I booked a flight with WOW Air, they charged me two dollars for a cup of water. I figured the company was crash landing, but I couldn't have predicted the airline would cease operations just a month later, leaving thousands of passengers stranded across the world. WOW Air had been the international equivalent to Europe's disturbingly cheap Ryanair, and thrifty flyers mourned the loss like a college kid mourns the end of his $6 20-pack of ramen noodles. 

But now there's word that an executive of WOW Air is launching a new Iceland-based airline called PLAY. Arnar Már Magnusson, former vice president of operations at WOW, announced that PLAY tickets will go on sale later this month and flights will begin next year. Fun fact: Magnusson was a pilot for both WOW and Ryanair as well.

PLAY already has a website, but it doesn't have the aircrafts, necessary authorizations, and a route network yet. And might I add that the website looks a bit Squarespace-y. 

"PLAY is a new Low Cost Airline operating to and from Iceland," it says on the website. "PLAY will provide affordable travel in new Airbus aircraft." 

There were already whispers of the airline's return in September. According to The Verge, Chief Executive of USAerospace Associates Michele Ballarin said at a press conference that WOW Air would relaunch with two planes in October and aim for 10 by summer of 2020. That didn't happen. The relaunch was delayed until December.

But Ballarin has acquired the WOW Air assets, so maybe we will soon have two cheap Icelandic airlines with -- dare I say it -- free cups of water. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.