This Creepy As Hell Ghost Has Eyes That Follow You Everywhere

Published On 11/12/2016 Published On 11/12/2016

When you were a kid, staring at a painted portrait could be a creepy experience. Wherever you wandered in the room, the painting seemed to have eyes that followed you like a demonic spirit. Now though, people are creating eerie things like this “ghost,” which does exactly the same thing, because it’s designed to.

Made by YouTube user plixplop, the ghost probably scared the daylights out of children on Halloween, and continues to provide ample fright for anyone who crosses its petrifying line of vision.

Plixplop explains how the thing works, writing in the video’s description: “The face is an inverted plastic mask (the inside of the mask is facing you). This creates an optical illusion that looks like the face is following you. The face is not actually moving! It will appear to look at you, no matter where you view it from.”

The YouTuber also notes that a combination of black lights on either side of the ghost, and a white kaleidoscope, white strobe light, and a series of fans blowing on it give the apparition its gloomy feel.

Appropriately freaked out yet? If not, visit this website that knows if your house is haunted, or visit the Nightmare Machine, a site that uses artificial intelligence to give people nightmares.  

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