Man Busted for Playing 'Pokémon GO' With 8 Phones in His Car

In the fifth Pokémon movie, Totodile the water Pokémon is devastated after losing its race. “It’s OK, Totodile,” says Ash Ketchum. “Everybody makes a wrong turn once in a while.” And this is most certainly the case, especially for those who try to play Pokémon GO on eight phones at once while in the car. 

On Thursday, The Seattle Timesreported that Sgt. Kyle Smith of the Washington State Patrol came upon Ash Ketchum 2.0 parked on the shoulder of Highway 518 near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. As any reasonable person would, Smith assumed it was a disabled vehicle situation and went to check it out.

But when Smith came over to the window to offer roadside assistance, he found his mortal powers could be of little help to the man in the driver’s seat, as the driver was on a quest to catch ‘em all. This was made clear by the DIY foam block on the passenger's seat, which had eight holes cut out for the eight phones in the driver’s possession. Each one had open Pokémon GO

Trooper Rick Johnson tweeted an image of the contraption with the caption, “Driver agreed to put phones in back seat and continued his commute with 8 less distractions.”

But, officer, If you were a PokéNerd you’d realized that each phone showed the image of the dragon-type Pokémon Rayquaza, which requires at least six people (or accounts) to raid. What’s a man gotta do to solo raid in these parts?!?!?

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