9 Simple Ways to Make 'Pokémon Go' Stop Sucking

Published On 08/04/2016 Published On 08/04/2016
I liked the circular compass nearby tracker, but I thought this would be a nice way to improve it. from pokemongo
How to replace 3 step tracking? from gaming
My design solution for Nearby. from pokemongo
Incense should attract the 9 pokemon on your nearby list from pokemongo
Incense should be more like card packs, guaranteed one rare, Etc. from pokemongo
Suggestion: make grass movement actually have a meaning from pokemongo
Can we get a transfer or discard button for eggs? from pokemongo
Transfer eggs for stardust from pokemongo
Suggestion: Change the appearance of 2km, 5km, and 10km eggs from pokemongo
an ingame social network could be really nice from pokemongo
Sending a Pidgey to the professor, one extra candy. Sending a Pidgeot to the professor should reward you with more candies from pokemongo
You should be able to send up flares to notify other team members of a good Pokemon nearby from pokemongo
Why can't we use AR with the pokemons we own? Or in our Pokedex? Thats ruins all the fun of having them.. from pokemongo
[IDEA] Pokémon Go - Candies Tab from pokemongo
Fourth Team: Rocket from pokemongo