'Pokémon Go' Stampede Is What the Apocalypse Will Look Like

While the Pokémon Go fervor may have died down a little in the U.S., it's far from over, especially in countries where the game is just being released. A video has surfaced from Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, that purports to show thousands of people chasing down a Snorlax. 

It's total chaos. And while the video has not been confirmed, scenes like this haven't been uncommon in the weeks following the release of the game. Flash mobs of Pokémon hunters were seen across the States when the mobile game was released, including a scene in New York's Central Park that had hoards running across the park and abandoning their cars on the street in pursuit of a Vaporeon. Pokémon Go was released in Taiwan on Aug. 5.

The above video first surfaced Saturday on Facebook, showing the mass sprinting through the city's Xinbeitou district with the intensity of zombies in World War Z.

According to TIME, via Chinese outlets, the district has become a daily hub for an incredible number of Pokémon Go players. The report says that there are so many people congregating to hunt Pokémon that the civil-defense brigade and police reinforcements from neighboring areas have had to be called in to maintain some semblance of order on the streets.

But there doesn't appear to be much reining in the chaos. Take a look a few more videos and pictures of Pokémon Go players having a good time in Taiwan below. 

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