Woman Calls Animal Control on Menacing Croissant

Everybody makes mistakes.

People call animal control all the time, but usually only when there's, you know, an animal to control. This week, a woman in Poland, became an international phenomenon after mistaking a harmless croissant for a menacing creature—and calling animal authorities to come collect it.

Recently, the Krakow Society for the Protection of Animals received a call about a mysterious animal terrorizing locals from its perch in a tree. The woman on the phone said it had been sitting in a tree for two days, scaring residents into keeping their windows closed out of fear that it might get in their homes.

According to the animal society, which detailed the incident in a Facebook post, the woman believed it might be some sort of iguana. The animal rescuers hadn't dealt with iguanas in Krakow before and grew suspicious that it was a late April Fools' Day prank, but went along with the call anyway in case it was, in fact, an abandoned iguana that needed saving.

When the animal control officers arrived at the scene ready to save the day, they encountered something that no amount of training could prepare them for.

"The brown creature is sitting on a lilac branch," one of the workers recalls on Facebook. "We are looking more closely—poor guy has no legs or head."

That's when they realized: The "intimidating iguana" they were called to handle was a croissant, as in the crescent-shaped pastry.

Croissant in a tree is mistaken for a scary animal
The poor croissant was minding its own business. | KTOZ / Facebook

In the woman's defense, it's not every day that you find a croissant nesting in a tree, so it's understandable that baked goods weren't immediately on her mind when she noticed the brown mass. Still, that didn't stop animal control officers from bursting into laughter.

The animal society took the false report in stride, alerting its followers that they'd rather people call them about anything concerning than sit back and let a potential animal struggle. At the end of the day, the woman followed her instinct—even if her instinct was wrong, no harm was done.

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