This Police Officer Has a Gloriously Awkward Name & Everyone’s Making the Same Jokes

You can choose your friends, you can choose your career, but you can’t choose your last name (at least, not easily). This policeman probably wishes he could, though.

The officer recently appeared in a special program about the impact of budget cuts on local police forces, according to a report from Plymouth Live, and despite the serious nature of the subject matter viewers couldn’t look past his name. Before long, PC Rob Banks (yes, that’s his real name) was taking the internet by storm.

“And the award for policeman name of the year 2019 goes to...,” an Australian Twitter user wrote.

The tweet gathered 11,000 likes in a matter of hours and inspired others to share their own witty quips about Officer Banks’ hilariously unfortunate name. Despite making his rounds online, Banks hasn’t gotten in on the banter. Surely he’s heard it all before, though.

If anything good has come out of this, it’s an awareness for a few noble causes. Seth Darby, who shared the initial viral tweet about Banks’ name, is using his platform to urge retweeters to donate to an Alzheimer's organization in the UK. Additionally, awareness for Banks’ cause, the proper funding of UK police forces, has also gotten a bit of shine.

More importantly (OK, maybe not), everyone’s had a little laugh in the midst of some less than light news about politics in the UK and America. Poking fun at the irony of someone’s name may not be the most clever route, but we’ll take what we can get these days.

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