Hero Cops Rescue 4 Women Stranded on a Rainbow Unicorn Float

Four women set sail aboard a giant inflatable rainbow unicorn last Thursday and found themselves stranded and at the mercy of the watery depths -- to which we can only say, who among us?

Fortunately, members of the Chisago County Sheriff's Department happened to be driving by Minnesota's Fish Lake and caught wind of the adventurers' plight. Not only were they kind enough to step in, they were kind enough to document the rescue for the rest of the world to witness. 

As the department's official twitter explained, "With a handful of laughs and some mad rescue roping skills they were pulled back to the dock!"

The hero who threw the rope is Deputy Scotty Finnegan, a name that will surely live on throughout the history of lake rescues, in such company as... well, no one comes to mind just now, but we're positive they exist, and that Deputy Finnegan will be in rare company.

In a follow-up tweet, the department mentioned that it was nice to have a little levity in the general stress of policing, and who can blame them. It's not every day that you get to stage an aquatic rescue from a unicorn's back. And for that we should be grateful.

h/t Mashable, Time

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