Man Gets Caught Smuggling $44M Worth of Cocaine Via Frozen Onion Rings

It was an incredibly bad idea.

It seems people will always find creative and inventive ways to do things that they shouldn't be doing, and those illegal acts involve food surprisingly often. We've seen a couple get arrested after spreading US Navy secrets via a peanut butter sandwich, people smuggling whole bottles of booze hidden inside loaves of bread, and some guy trying to hide meth in tortillas. Now, we can add drug smuggling via frozen onion rings to the never-ending list of illegal things people do with food.

In a Tweet earlier this week, the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) announced that its latest food-related drug case involved cocaine hiding in onion rings. According to the NCA, Piotr Perzenowski, a 30-year-old polish truck driver, was caught traveling from the UK to France. Perzenowski was found with 418 kilos of cocaine hidden among a cover-up load of frozen onion rings. Authorities estimate the street value of the bust to be around £33 million, which translates to about $44 million.

NCA Branch Commander Mark Howes commented that “This was a really significant amount of drugs taken out of circulation.” Howes also added that “The seizure will deprive the organized crime group responsible for them of profit, which would have fueled more offending.”

Perzenowski has been charged with smuggling Class A drugs and will reappear in court in mid-December.

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