Silly Rabbit, This Trix & Skittles Beer Is Definitely for Adults

Beer? Sugar rush? Nefarious knife-wielding children? This beer does it all.

trix skittles beer
Pontoon Brewing / Alexis Zamlich/Thrillist

It may not seem like it at first glance, but the combination of cereal and beer – not just cereal grains, but breakfast cereal – is well-worn territory. But Georgia’s Pontoon Brewing Company is taking the pairing to sugary new heights, even beyond Smartmouth Brewing’s Lucky Charms-inspired beer it released for eager and curious drinkers in 2019.

In July, the Sandy Springs-based brewery is bringing back its weirdly popular Rainbow Smiggles, a Berliner Weisse loaded with Trix cereal and Skittles that would make Homer Simpson proud. The original release was the brewery’s third collaboration with Sprayberry Bottle Shop and is based on a sour recipe already in use by Pontoon. Of course, there’s far more to the beer than the brightly colored headline grabbers. It also features strawberries, pineapple, vanilla, and lactose, in addition to the essentials.

In this new batch, they're upping the weird levels with 50% more Skittles and fruit. The beer gets packed with 500 pounds of Skittles, more than 100 boxes of Trix cereal, and three pounds per gallon of strawberries and pineapples. 

The first release completely sold out in 45 minutes with a line wrapping around the brewery. During a pandemic, that's not quite possible. Nonetheless, Pontoon is making a larger batch this time and will make it available to people around the country. It'll be available for pre-order on CraftCellr at 7pm EST on July 3.

pontoon brewing
Courtesy of Pontoon Brewing

"We’re trying to keep the market well-provided with interesting new flavors month after month," says Chris Baratz, head brewer at Pontoon Brewing. "Because of that, we like to push the limits and go to extremes to keep the brewers and customers excited about each new sour."

The can art on these beers is a real keeper. It features some Gravity Falls-esque rainbow vomiting along with a couple of children with ill intent. It’s something else. 

trix skittles beer
Courtesy of Pontoon Brewing

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