The Police Got Involved After a Man Put Cheese Between Pop-Tarts

Innovation is a messy process. You're gonna have some false starts before you get to the good stuff. To reach Netflix, our fore-parents suffered through Betamax. Only time will tell whether what happened on the internet last week was a false start or the beginning of a revolution, but the American cuisine will reckon with this dish for decades: the American cheese and strawberry Pop-Tart sandwich.

This act of culinary desperation was committed when the only ingredients Iowa State University sophomore Chris Jorgensen had access to were the beloved toaster pastry and the iconic pseudo-cheese product. As we all must, he did what he had to do. After doing so, he realized he'd struck social media gold and posted a picture of what you could probably call a sandwich to Twitter with the caption, “You ain’t from Iowa if you never had one of these.”

Jorgensen later stressed that the cheese was meant to be a joke (though he did take a bite). “I did not put cheese on a Pop-Tart with the intent of eating it as a snack I would enjoy,” Jorgensen told MUNCHIES. This means he did it for us, which makes him a martyr and a hero, if you squint a bit.

The Iowa State University police department took notice and did what they had to do, for all of us: They tweeted at Jorgensen, telling him, "You're under arrest."

Granted, this was all in good fun. But the jury's still out on whether an actual arrest would've been justified.

MUNCHIES uncovered how the exchange between the police and Jorgensen came about. “I work at the student newspaper at Iowa State, and we kind of have a relationship with the police department. They always are open to making jokes on Twitter. So I tagged them and knew they would play along,” Jorgensen told the publication.

"It was a joint effort," Anthony Greiter, the police department's Community Outreach Specialist, also told MUNCHIES. "After some discussion, we came to the determination that Chris probably needed to go to jail for this."

Whether you think Jorgensen is a martyr or a monster, you probably can't help but wonder how the sandwich tasted.

His verdict: "okay."


James Chrisman is a News Writer at Thrillist who would prefer not to be shoved inside a toaster and sandwiched around a single slice cheese. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @james_chrisman2.

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