Pop-Tarts Has 3 New Flavors Fashioned After Dessert Faves

Team pie will love these.

A box of Pop-Tarts.

Guess what. Toasting is cooking. Opening a package is cooking. Eating something is cooking. And Pop-Tarts check all those boxes, so sample any one of its three new flavors and you’re basically Chef Boyardee.

You probably already have a favorite. We all do, and it’s frosted strawberry. Favorites are good, they remind us we’re alive, but new varieties only make the heart grow fonder. Pop-Tarts’ newbies are peach cobbler, lemon crème pie, and banana crème pie. All three will be released right around prime pie-cooling-on-the-windowsill time, AKA June. Lemon and peach will sell in boxes of eight for about $2.89 and banana will come in 16-count boxes for about $3.68.

The new flavors will join Pop-Tarts’ many flavors like brown sugar cinnamon, s’mores, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, chocolate fudge, and cinnamon sugar pretzel

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