Watching Popcorn Pop in Slow Motion is Super Satisfying

Popcorn is magical. These little kernels of basically nothing can explode into a gelatin and harden and make movies way better. That's magic.

Though, it's hard to see that when you're buying a bag over a glass counter sticky from soda spills and there are screaming kids and you're going to miss the previews. And, wait, it costs how much? However, you can't miss the magic when a kernel pops at a glacial pace in beautiful slow motion. The folks at the Warped Perception YouTube channel have provided that exact experience and it's wonderfully hypnotic.

Since you already know how popcorn pops, you know that when the steam inside a kernel makes it explode there's a brief moment where the popcorn is liquid-y before it hardens and becomes the delicious popcorn you love. You can see that whole process on display here in slow motion.

It's fascinating to see it happen and slow motion is simply cool to watch. "I believe that slow motion and ultra slow motion videos give us a look into a world which we normally cannot see but we know it exists," Warped Perception's Matt Mikka told Mashable. "It extends the ability of the human eye and human perception in a sense." 

He's right. You don't normally get to see this and you'll be glad you did.

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