Popeyes Brought Back Its Big Box Deal That Gets You a Ton of Food for $6

Opt for the classic Bone-In Fried Chicken or snag the three-piece tenders.

Courtesy of Popeyes
Courtesy of Popeyes

While we're big fans of the Popeyes Fried Chicken Sandwich, that's not we don't love the rest of the menu. We do! And now, you too can sample the classic fried chicken that brought Popeyes its initial fame, and you can do so for cheap. 

The fast food joint is bringing back its $6 Big Box Deal, which gets you fried chicken (bone-in or tenders), two signature sides, and a buttermilk biscuit. I'm no math mathematician, but that's a lot of food for not a lot of money. 

Now, here's the tricky part: You have to decide between the chain's classic Bone-In Fried Chicken and the 3-Piece Chicken Tenders. Both are marinated in Popeyes' authentic Louisiana-style seasoning, hand-battered, breaded, and fried to create that patented crunch. You also have to choose your sides. The menu features Cajun Fries, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, mac 'n' cheese, and more. 

Of course, if you'd rather skip the meal combo and go straight for those semi-new Chicken Nuggets, I couldn't blame you. In July, Popeyes released its first official nuggets made with the same "quality and flavors of [its] famous Chicken Sandwich." Better yet, go with both the nuggets and the $6 Big Box. The latter is only available for a limited time, so take advantage before it disappears. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.