Popeyes Has a New Deal for Free Chicken Sandwiches. Here's How to Get It.

popeyes doordash chicken sandwich delivered meal free deal promotion
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

If you haven't had the opportunity to try one of Popeyes' famous chicken sandwiches -- the same sandwich that set social media on fire in 2019 and sold out from the high demand -- this may be the opportunity you've been waiting for. The fast food chain announced a new promotion on Monday that can land you a whole chicken sandwich combo meal for free. 

As part of a newly announced partnership with DoorDash, Popeyes is offering a free chicken sandwich meal with every Popeyes order placed through DoorDash over $20. Yes, you have to rack up a $20 order to qualify for the deal, but you get the entire combo, which includes a drink, for free. In other words, if you were already planning to order some Popeyes, then this is a great bonus. If you weren't, well, maybe this is the excuse you needed to justify fried chicken night.

“The positive response and demand for our new Chicken Sandwich sparked a social media frenzy and it was incredible to see this new product generate such excitement from our fans,” Bruno Cardinali, head of marketing North America at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, said in a statement. “We are thrilled about the continued buzz around our chicken sandwich and excited to deliver it to our loyal fans for free through our partnership with DoorDash.”

free popeyes chicken sandwich doordash delivery
Courtesy of Doordash

To get the free sandwich, you'll have meet the order minimum and use the code CHICKENWINNER. And, frankly, it's dangerously easy to hit 20 bucks if you're getting something for the entire family. We're talking buckets of chicken, tubs of macaroni and cheese, and endless beans and rice. If you really know what's good, get some coleslaw while you're at it and put it on your free sandwich.

The code will also give you free delivery so you can rest easy knowing Popeyes is on its way without an extra fee. This promotion is running from January 13 through January 19 so if you were looking for a sign regarding whether or not you should eat Popeyes this week, you've found it. You're welcome.

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Kat Thompson is a staff writer at Thrillist who has done extensive coverage on the Popeyes chicken sandwich phenomenon. Follow her on Twitter @katthompsonn