Popeyes Has a New Chicken Sandwich & It Hopes It Will Be as Popular as the Last One

It was 2019, and the world apparently craved a fried chicken sandwich. It might not be the same now.

popeyes new chicken sandwich buffalo
Courtesy of Popeyes
Courtesy of Popeyes

Despite the existence of Nacho Fries and the McRib and the Impossible Whopper, the biggest fast food release in recent years was Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich. It was a game-changer that drove other chains to add a chicken sandwich to their menus. It's tough to find a drive-thru window that doesn't have a crispy and/or spicy chicken sandwich at this point.

Popeyes is looking to cause that same stir again. Though it's hard to imagine that this release will result in viral moments and chicken shortages, Popeyes is launching a new version of the beloved sandwich. On May 3, Popeyes will release the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich nationwide.

The sandwich is made with a new creamy herb buttermilk ranch and Buffalo sauce. It has the chicken from the classic sandwich and a brioche bun in addition to that Buffalo sauce.

The announcement from Popeyes comes with many reminders of just how popular its Chicken Sandwich was on its release in 2019. To help get a little closer to that than it might have otherwise, you can get the new one at a discount. If you're a Popeyes Rewards member, you’ll get the new sandwich for just $4.99, plus the chain will drop an extra 150 points onto your account if you order through the website or app.

You'll have to hop in line if you want to see if it's worth the same kind of hype that Little Nicky's favorite chain generated in 2019.