Random People Are Getting Promo Codes for Free Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches

Unless someone breaks the chain.

Cole Saladino/Thrillist
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

There was a time when everybody wanted a Popeyes chicken sandwich so badly that the chain encouraged folks to bring their own bread, and ultimately had to pull the item from its menu for a little while. But now that the breadcrumbs have settled, the chain is partnering with Postmates to seemingly peer pressure you into buying more sandwiches. Allow me to explain. 

This is what the Popeyes reps told us over email: On July 13, random people with Postmates accounts received an email with the code for a free Popeyes chicken sandwich combo, which otherwise costs around $8 and includes a side and drink. These folks were tasked with filling their Postmates basket to $15 and using the code to get a free meal alongside the purchase, which passes the deal to someone else. 

Now the chains are building across America; the purchases are fueled by hunger and disguised as altruism, like most of my decisions to pay for my roommate's Postmates order. Here's the thing, though... If you receive the code and don't use it, a Popeyes chain will be broken, and your indifference will create a deficit of opportunity across the land.  

This quirky deal with dark undertones is going on until July 19. If you're a Popeyes noob, we at Thrillist recommend getting the classic to begin with, but order whatever it takes to make sure the next guy gets a free meal.

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