Popeyes Is Quietly Working on New Blackened Chicken Sandwiches

The new sandwich is real, but good luck finding one for now.


While many competing fast food chains are just now catching up with Popeyes' sensational fried chicken sandwich, the Louisiana-style chain is hard at work to keep its competitive edge. We saw the chain testing a BBQ fried chicken sandwich last summer, and now, we've confirmed with a spokesperson that it's quietly working on new, non-breaded chicken sandwiches.

Popeyes calls them Blackened Chicken Sandwiches, and just as their name suggests, they're blackened with seasonings instead of a traditional fried chicken sandwich batter. Chew Boom was among the first to spot the new sandwiches on the menu, saying they're a new take on the chain's Blackened Tenders.

You can order the sandwich two ways. First up, the Classic Blackened Chicken Sandwich, which sports a white meat chicken filet that's fried with blackened seasonings and topped with pickles and mayo on a toasted brioche bun. Then there's the Spicy Blackened Chicken Sandwich, which features spicy mayo instead of regular mayo, per the report. As you can see, the ingredients and construction are similar to that of Popeyes' fried chicken sandwiches.

Unfortunately, Blackened Chicken Sandwiches aren't on the menu everywhere. When reached via email this week, a spokesperson for the chain told Thrillist that they're merely being tested in some markets across the US. 

"We appreciate all the love we have seen from fans around this product offering," the company said in a statement. "Here at Popeyes, we are always looking to innovate with a wide range of seasonings and flavors. We have tested variations of our beloved chicken sandwich in markets around the world, but this is not a permanent menu item at this time."

With any luck, we'll see the Blackened Chicken Sandwiches on the menu nationwide some day. But in the meantime, be sure to check your local Popeyes' menu online or give them a call before you head over looking to try them. 

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