The Porta Potty Challenge Is a Disgusting Horror Show That's Pretty Funny

porta potty challenge
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Look, it's the internet. You already know gross, weird things happen daily. However, this toilet-based social media challenge has arrived to prove that new heights of absurdity are achievable if you put your heart into it. 

Welcome to the Porta Potty Challenge, an unsanitary challenge that lands right in the middle of the Venn diagram mapping "awe-inspiring" and "nausea-inducing." The challenge has infatuated high school cross country teams. Why that incredibly specific group? No idea. Part of it is surely that races occur at locations where the only facility is probably a portable loo.

Here's how it works: Like clowns in a Volkswagen Beetle, you cram as many people into a porta potty as possible and count them as they're coming out. It's been done quite a few times now, but it may have hit its apex Wednesday with this madness from a South Carolina-based team.

There are so many kids in that porta potty that, like your intestines after a chili cook-off, it's bowing at the sides from the internal pressure.

Cramming 40 kids into a porta potty is impressive, even knowing they were using a larger plastic privy than other teams.

It has apparently been a thing in cross country circles for a while. This coach has a photo of his team doing the challenge back in 2014. 

In all the laughs you may have missed the existential question many cross country runners are now facing. Is it still the Porta Potty Challenge if you just have to go to the bathroom at a cross country meet?

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