An 'Uncharted' Dark Ride Roller Coaster Was Just Unveiled & Will Open in 2023

The video game and Tom Holland movie is getting its own roller coaster at PortAventura World.

Uncharted roller coaster
Courtesy of PortAventura World
Courtesy of PortAventura World

When new rides arrive at theme parks, they are frequently based on major film franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar, Harry Potter, or Jurassic World. Occasionally there are slightly smaller series getting the theme park treatment like Jumanji.

PortAventura World, the largest theme park in Spain, has announced plans for an Uncharted ride based on the film and PlayStation game after licensing the property from Sony Pictures. The park will be getting a dark ride roller coaster, which is planned to open "at the end of the first half of 2023." So, it will likely open up in the early summer.

The park’s announcement says the coaster will live in the resort's Far West zone. The dark ride, which will be enclosed in a building, will have 700 meters of track and a peak that reaches nearly 40 feet in the air. PortAventura say the coaster "promises to reveal dark and unexplored territories during an exhilarating expedition." It will also feature a "pre-show" as part of the experience, something that has become an expected part of rides based on popular films.

PortAventura made the announcement on November 30, but no renderings or further details about the ride were disclosed.

It has invested 25 million Euros into the project, which will be created in collaboration with the design company Intamin Amusement Rides and the Sally Corporation, "a leading international enterprise specializing in the development of dark rides and animatronics design."

Maybe this can hold fans over until Tom Holland returns as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man at some point in the still murky phase 5 of the MCU, which start in February with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

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