Italian Officials Will Now Fine Lingering Tourists at This Popular Selfie Spot

Visitors could be fined about $300 for loitering in certain areas in Portofino, Italy.

The days of pushing through crowds for the perfect selfie in Portofino, Italy are at an end. Portofino Mayor Matteo Viavaca announced a new rule that will fine tourists loitering in two very popular areas 275 euros (around $302). The town is a photogenic fishing village that has grown increasingly popular with tourists in recent years.

The Times of London reported two areas in town will now be considered red zones. The spots are both places known for people stopping to take selfies and photos. The stop and go nature of the pedestrian traffic has caused a lot of clogged streets and what Mayor Viavaca reportedly described as "anarchic chaos." That may feel a tad dramatic, but if you’ve ever been stuck in a throng of hot sweaty tourists on a narrow street, “anarchic chaos” is almost an understatement.

Officials started enforcing the new penalty over Easter weekend, when the town saw a spike in tourism for the holidays. The ban on loitering will remain in place until October 15, and will be enforced every day until 6 pm.

"The objective is not to make the place more exclusive but to allow everyone to enjoy our beauty," Viavaca told The Times. "We want to avoid dangerous situations caused by overcrowding."

Portofino is not the only destination instituting new rules related to high volumes of tourism. Many destinations around the world are implementing daily visitor caps, tourism taxes, and stricter rule enforcement in places where the day-to-day activities are interrupted by a large number of tourists.

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