Potbelly Is Adding 3 New Sandwiches to Its Lineup

The sandwich chain is rolling out some exciting flavor updates.

Perhaps you already have a favorite Potbelly sandwich, or you’re a “try everything on the menu once” kind of person. Well, either way, prepare to expand your horizons because Potbelly is debuting three new sandwiches.

The sandwich chain recently unveiled the new lineup, which includes the Avo Turkey, Chicken Club, and Steakhouse Beef.

The Avo Turkey seems like the healthiest choice with hand-sliced turkey, Swiss cheese, avocado, and cucumbers on multigrain bread. The Chicken Club comes with grilled chicken, applewood smoked bacon, and cheddar cheese on white bread. Finally, the Steakhouse Beef comes with Angus roast beef, crumbled blue cheese, provolone cheese, and horseradish aioli on white bread.

Courtesy of Potbelly

In addition to the new options, all Potbelly sandwiches in the Original and BIG sizes will be longer and be stacked with more meat and cheese, according to a spokesperson. If you aren’t looking for a maximum sandwich experience (I personally couldn’t relate), Potbelly is also offering a new "Skinny"-sized sandwich, which is a slimmed-down option.

The Avo Turkey, Chicken Club, and Steakhouse Beef are now available at locations nationwide, though prices may vary.

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