This Italian Town Is Selling $1 Homes Near the Country's Most Popular Ski Resorts

Pratola Peligna is two hours east of Rome near ski resorts and natural parks.

Patrick Messier/Shutterstock

When the workday drags, and your co-workers find just the right nerve to strike, you can find solace in the dream of quitting dramatically, packing up your things, and moving halfway around the world to live in Italy. Except now, it doesn't have to be just a dream. 

Yet another Italian town is selling $1 houses, and this time, it's in the highly-coveted region of Abruzzo, Travel + Leisure reports. Pratola Peligna, which is situated about two hours east of Rome, boasts one major pull. It's located near some of the country's most popular ski resorts. The Majella National Park, Sirennte-Velino Regional Natural Park, and the National Park of Abruzzo are not too far out of reach either. 

The town's currently got about 630 vacant homes for sale, with 250 available for as little as €1, which is $1.16. Unlike similar offers, though, you won't have to provide a deposit or certain residency requirements. Instead, Pratola Peligna is just planning to drop a €10,000, which is almost $11,600, fine for homeowners that don't submit their renovation plans within six months of purchasing. The reasoning? Well, officials don't want these cheap deals to draw in buyers who then let the homes continue to sit abandoned.

"That worsens the picture and kills our efforts," Mayor Antonella Di Nino told CNN. "Particularly with foreigners, tracking them down across the world and forcing them to complete the renovation becomes impossible." 

The area has reportedly dwindled in size by nearly half its population, largely driven by earthquakes, but now the government is working to rebuild, restoring its once bustling community.

"Our goal is to make them all shine again and recover the beauty of the old center, even if that may take a while," Paolo Di Bacco, local councilor, told the outlet. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.