Shut It Down. These Preschoolers Just Won the Mannequin Challenge

preschooler mannequin challenge
Screengrab One Step Ahead Learning child care center

Everyone wants in on the internet's latest fad. NFL teams have done it and it's happening in the middle of talk shows. Lebron James did it with Michelle Obama (and blinked constantly). Blac Chyna did it while she was giving birth. Even Guy Fieri has taken a moment from eating greasy things to do a pretty epic version

But you can shut it down now. A few four-year-olds from New Jersey have accepted the mannequin challenge and they won. The preschoolers are from One Step Ahead Learning Center in East Orange, New Jersey and they've made what is easily the most hilarious version of the craze sweeping social media.

I'm dying....😂😂😂😂😂😂LOL LOOK AT THE FOUR YEARS OLD TRYING TO DO THE Mannequin challenge!!!

Posted by One Step Ahead Learning Center on Thursday, November 10, 2016

Marlene Ayers, CEO and director of One Step Ahead, told Buzzfeed, "It was so funny and it took four tries to get them to be as still as they can." It makes it even better than this very un-mannequin-like take was their best effort.

Ayers said the kids were playing freeze tag. That led one teacher to think of the mannequin challenge and ask the students "to act like mannequins." 

It's hard to imagine anyone doing better.

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