President Obama Danced to Drake's 'Hotline Bling' Because He Likes to Party

President Barack Obama is a pretty affable guy, with a musical IQ far more advanced than say George W. Bush or even the saxophone-playing Bill Clinton.

A pretty good example of Obama’s pop-music savvy was on display last night at BET’s “Love and Happiness” event, which took place on the White House South Lawn. After a flurry of performances from star-studded artists, Obama hit the dance floor like a hip-shaking millennial, dancing to the sultry tune of Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” 

Usher was there to take video of the incident, which shows Obama shutting down the scene as only a president can.

As his eight years as commander in chief winds down, Obama is clearly letting loose, taking time to party and probably embarrass his two teenage daughters. Hell, he’s even offered us a rousing cover of “Hotline Bling,” courtesy of the internet. That aside, Obama is still taking his job seriously: Just a couple weeks ago, he gave Bill Clinton a firm reprimand for not boarding Air Force One as quickly as possible, which is a solid indication of him handling pertinent matters unrelated to Drake, dancing and being cool.  

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