President Biden Addresses Supply Chain Issues with Retail Executives

He says we can expect fully stores by the holidays.

Simone Hogan/Shutterstock
Simone Hogan/Shutterstock

Maybe you've heard that there are some supply chain issues. From pizza slices to Coca-Cola to other sought-after goods, shortages seem poised to threaten the biggest gift-giving season of the year. President Joe Biden met with executives from top retailers like Walmart, Etsy, and Kroger on Monday afternoon to reassure Americans that holiday packages will arrive and that store shelves won't be empty.

The meeting covered inflation, shipping delays, labor shortages, and other major contributing factors to supply chain issues. The White House, in reality, doesn't have much control over whether we can get our tablets, luggage, and various other goodies in time for the end of the year. Most of the factors affecting the supply chain are due to private sector struggles and global production disruptions. Nonetheless, the Biden Administration promises fully stocked stores soon.

"There are going to be toys on your shelves," said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki during a briefing after the meeting. "There is going to be food in your grocery stores."

Whether or not presidential influence will have much bearing on the situation, it is improving either way. Since November began, the number of shipping containers stuck at ports for long periods decreased by 41%, and the country's largest ports report an improvement with the congestion that previously caused serious shipping delays.

On Wednesday, the president will make additional comments recapping his meeting with the executives and provide further updates on his office's initiatives.

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