President Obama Attempted the "Thriller" Dance... More or Less

Published On 11/01/2016 Published On 11/01/2016

After eight years in office, President Barack Obama is at the dad joke apex of his presidency. Al of humanity would be buried under an avalanche of Obama dad jokes if Tim Kaine weren't the Democratic nominee for "the neighbor's dad." Nonetheless, Obama has earned his fair share of jokes

Case in point, during a Halloween party at the White House Monday, "Thriller" hit the decks while Barack and Michelle Obama were on stage. The Dad in Chief made a half-hearted effort to get into the classic dance with his partner. Obama dad-ed it up real hard.

While it was the couple caught on stage, only Barack looked impossibly awkward. Michelle looked a little more natural up on stage. She didn't throw down entirely on the routine, but she looked like she could. Meanwhile, the President looked like his dad-jeans might stop him from flawlessly pulling off some of those high knees required to do the dance proper. 

Check out the First Family giving "Thriller" a go above, then check out some pretty amazing behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot of MJ's "Thriller" music video.

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