President Obama Yells at Bill Clinton to Get on a Damn Airplane

Being president is a demanding job, punctuated by no shortage of pressing demands and deadlines. Barack Obama is aware of this, having led the free world for the last eight years. Former president Bill Clinton, however, seems to have forgotten what it’s like to be on a presidential schedule.

The two were in Tel Aviv yesterday to attend the funeral of former Israeli president Shimon Peres. They no doubt glad-handed world leaders and paid their respects, but when it came time to leave, Clinton was taking his precious time, and Obama really wanted him to get on the damn plane.

Bill was being Bill -- no doubt patting shoulders and shaking hands -- and Obama thought it was well past shmooz-O’clock. Obama shouts after Clinton like an annoyed mother yelling at her son to come home from the neighborhood ball game. He needs him on that damn airplane. There are things to do. He even claps to express the urgency of the situation, as the engines of Air Force One blare and crank at high volume.

Uh, Mr. President, Bill can’t hear you. Bill is busy.

Eventually, Clinton comes lumbering up the stairs, and Obama is relieved. The two then embrace in a way that only bros who have been president can.