Get 5 Drinks a Day with Pret A Manger's New Coffee Subscription Service

It's here just in time for the cold weather.

These days you can get a subscription for just about anything from television, to meal kits, to makeup, to cubed food. Even if you don't necessarily need it, you can get it. Thankfully, this is about subscription service for something many of us actually depend on, coffee and tea. 

First, Panera Bread launched its subscription service, which offers unlimited coffee and tea for $8.99 each month. It's a great deal, especially if you are chugging caffeine more than once a week. Now, Pret A Manger is offering a similar service with two types of plans to meet all coffee consumption needs.

The Classic Plan is $19.99 and includes all organic coffees and teas. The Premium Plan is $29.99 each month and includes espresso-based, barista-made drinks, hot chocolate, organic coffees, and teas. Pret subscribers can order up to five drinks each day, 30 minutes apart, on both plans. Customers can order milk and plant-based alternatives in their beverages, in any size, hot or cold.

And as an additional bonus, the first month is free. Starting September 15, customers can sign up on the Pret A Manger website, where they will be emailed a QR code that can be used at any Pret A Manger location. The September release of this subscription service couldn't be more perfectly timed, as the weather gets colder and the need for a warm, flavorful beverage intensifies.

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