For Just $30,000, You Can Print a 3D Replica of Yourself for Mother's Day

It's hard to find that perfect Mother's Day gift that says, Welcome to the uncanny valley, Mom. Thankfully, Groupon is offering the opportunity to give dear old mum just that, with a life-size 3D-printed model of yourself.

The flash-deal site clearly knows plenty of people have more money than, because for just $30,000, this "deal" gets you a life-size replica, as well as travel and lodging to have a digital blueprint of your body made. They'll also mail the unpleasant surprise to your Mom. So, it's really a pretty good deal still thirty grand.

Just think: for $30,000 you can give your Mom the child she never had. The 3D model doesn't need to be cleaned up after, comes to dinner on time, and is always there to say, "Just watching you sleep, Mom, because I don't have eyelids."

Actually, it doesn't say that, because it'd a 3D-printed model.

The deal mirrors a similar one Groupon ran last year, where you could rent the perfect son to spend Mother's Day with your Mom for just $25,000. Like this one, it was expensive, and hopefully something your mom doesn't have already.

Groupon, unsurprisingly, hasn't yet sold any 3D-printed replicas or had any serious inquiries at the time of publication, but we've been assured that this deal is for real. If someone splurges, SWIRGO is really going to make a 3D model with one of their massive 3D printers. Their site describes the printers as creating an "affordable" option for large-scale 3D printing. We'll take that to mean their target market is Elon Musk and Richard Branson.