Professional Joint Roller Pays Tribute to Harambe

Harambe Joint
Tony Greenhand

The legalization of marijuana in small pockets of the United States has opened up some unexpected jobs. For instance, you could be a professional joint roller. That's what Tony Greenhand does and he gets commissions from all over to create wild-looking doobies based on client specifications. 

The creations of Greenhand are often unexpectedly spectacular, like a recent commission he received from Cannabend, a dispensary in Bend, Oregon. They wanted a massive joint in the shape of everyone's favorite meme-that-won't-die, Harambe the gorilla. And Greenhand delivered.

"There’s three ounces of pot in it. About $500 worth of Durban Poison," Greenhand told the Huffington Post. The pot gorilla took him a full week to create. "I wanted Harambe to look innocent, as if he’s defending the child," he said.

Greenhand charges up to $10,000 for his creations, which have included a giant Pikachu, pizza slices, Prince's symbol, a peacock with 12 individual joints on it, Master Shake and a menorah

The fully smokeable gorilla will be put on display at the dispensary, unlike many of his commissions, which are rolled for consumption. "After I finished making it, there was so much symbolism connected with Harambe that I told Cannabend, ‘We shouldn’t smoke it,’" he said. And they won't. Greenhand claims that the blunt gorilla will last up to five years without degrading. That should put the joint about five years past the meme's "best by" date.

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