This Student Accidentally Called Her Professor a Nasty Name & the Response Went Viral

professor whats his nuts - Edited

Everyone makes mistakes. You accidentally text the wrong person. You talk about someone when they're standing behind you. You turn in a paper and call your professor "Professor whats his nuts."

Spellcheck is definitely not going to catch that last one. We know this for a certainty because Zoe Oxley, a student in Ohio, made this mistake and shared the saga on Twitter. The best part may be that Professor Hendel (a name she probably knows well now) tweeted about it as well. 


Oxley shared the story in a series of photos that unravels hilariously. She couldn't remember the professor's name so she wrote "whats his nuts" as a placeholder. Unfortunately, she forgot to figure out the actual name of the professor before turning in the paper. When she realized her mistake, she apologized profusely to the teacher in an email.

However, Professor Hendel's response seems to indicate he hadn't seen what she wrote when he let her know everything was fine. 

For his part, Hendel took the accidental name-calling in stride. He not only tweeted about it, but he also changed his name on Twitter to Professor whats his nuts. So, no hard feelings, right?

Sharing her story prompted many others to share similar stories in response. Seems to be a pretty common struggle. The lesson here might be to not title your paper "Professor Chuckle Stink's Midterms Can Eat It" in the first place. 

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