Protestors Lose Control of Hose Shooting Fake Blood, Chaos Ensues

The internet has a lot to say about The Kids. They're the ones saving us from climate change! They're better than we are at making protest signs! And Greta Thunberg is a demigod sent to protect us from the powers that be! But I think we need to take a second to recognize the adults in the movement, because some of them deserve a trophy for effort, at least. Like a group that decided to spray fake blood at the Treasury in London... and ended up losing control of the high-power hose. 

The group calls itself the Extinction Rebellion. This socio-political movement believes in the use of civil disobedience to encourage government action on the climate crisis, so they decided to spray fake blood -- made of beetroot -- to protest United Kingdom’s investments in companies with a high level of fossil fuel emissions, according to a report by The Guardian. They stood on the top of a fire engine, which had on its side a banner reading “Stop funding climate death," and prepared for bloodshed. 

Video of the demonstration (shown above) depicts a few people aiming a hose at the main HM Treasury building on Horse Guards Road in Westminster. I wish I could say it went well, because we're proud of them, but once the stream of blood emits, something on the hose seems to... pop? And the hose starts dancing erratically on the street, spewing blood on a man who at first appears as indifferent to the red fluid as society is about our planet's impending doom. Then he runs for the hose, along with a few other helpers, but can't quite keep his grip on it. 

The video actually ends before the crisis is over. According the paper points out, the protesters sprayed around 1,800 liters of the beetroot juice on the street before dozens of police officers came to arrest them, 15 minutes after the spewing ensued.

“There needs to be a real wake-up in terms of the money being spent by the government,” Mark Ovland said from the firetruck before he was arrested. The police had sent for a ladder to help the protesters down and, after over an hour, the Extinction Rebellion members voluntarily came down.

Nobody was injured, and a total of eight people were arrested. They were all between the ages of 34 and 83 -- the range of real adulthood -- and we encourage more and more adults to join in with their beet juices as the global temperature rises. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.