There's Now Such a Thing as a Touch-Free, Warm Lube Dispenser

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Sometimes, reaching for the lube can be a necessary but awkward maneuver in the heat of the moment. Worse yet is when the lube is boner-chillingly cold and detracts from the mood. A new gadget, however, attempts to solve all of those problems by dispensing warm lube into your hand without you having to touch anything. It costs a staggering $250, though.

The device is called Pulse and it's the latest bizarre -- yet admittedly practical -- high-tech accessory for your bedroom after products like a sex toy alarm clock and vagina speaker, among others. As explained on Pulse's website, the gadget is small enough to sit on your nightstand, plugs into an outlet, and thanks to a built-in mood light with six color options, it's about as discreet as a bedside lube dispenser can be. All you have to do is wave your hand under it, and it'll squirt a measured supply of warm, condom-friendly lube into your palm via proprietary lube pods designed specifically for the machine. Basically, it's the pod-based lube machine that we all should have seen coming in the ongoing craze to create 'the Keurig of ... [fill in the blank].'

But just like Pulse dispenser itself, the Pulse Pods are not cheap. A package of six refill pods will set you back another $25, according to a press release. Each pod is good for just nine "servings" of lube. For what it's worth, Pulse said its silicone-based lubes are made with aloe and vitamin E, and are FDA cleared, hypoallergenic, and paraben free. An all-natural, water-based version is coming next Spring. 

Quick, someone create a machine that 3-D prints custom-fit condoms in three seconds and we'll all be set.

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