PyeongChang Will Boast the Most Condoms of Any Winter Olympics Ever

The PyeongChang Winter Olympics are about to start, but arguably the most pressing stat has been withheld from us until now: exactly how many condoms will these literal Olympians have access to as they mingle with other literal Olympians?

Well, a record amount, that's how many. To be exact, there will be 110,000 condoms. Though only around 100 more athletes will be participating this year, that's 10,000 more than the previous Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, according to CNN. In the name of journalistic diligence, CNN did the math and discovered that with 2,925 athletes repping 90 nations, that rounds out to 37 condoms per athlete.

The Olympics are only scheduled to last two weeks. We can only give you the facts here; you draw your own conclusions.

A South Korean rubber manufacturer called Convenience Co donated 100,000 of the condoms, citing a desire to prevent the spread of the HIV virus. A spokesman named Chung Geun-sik told the South China Morning Post, "We don’t expect the athletes to use them all," and explained that they imagine (naively?) participants will take some home as souvenirs.

"Baskets with condoms will be placed at both men’s and women’s toilets at athletes’ village in Pyeongchang and Gangneung, the main press center, the medical village as well as the medical center,” Olympic organizers told the South China Morning Post.

While this is a record amount of condoms for the Winter Games, it's nowhere close to the amount supplied to the Summer Olympics in Rio in 2016. There were 450,000 condoms, which came to 42 per competitor.


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