Qdoba Launches Cauliflower Mash Nationwide, Beating Chipotle to the Punch

Your burrito order just got a little better for you.

Photo Courtesy of Qdoba

Eating healthy isn’t easy—especially when you’re orders of magnitude better at ordering in than you are at cooking. Qdoba’s latest menu item makes it a little easier, though. The fast casual Mexican-inspired announced this week that it’s rolling out its brand new Mexican Cauliflower Mash as an alternative to regular rice at locations nationwide.

The national debut comes after Qdoba tested the low-carb option in Indianapolis in August. Now, it’s a permanent menu item—a testament to its success and popularity during the testing phase. Chipotle, arguably one of Qdoba’s biggest competitors, announced it was testingits own cauliflower rice back in July. Qdoba appears to have beaten its rival to the punch.

It’s worth noting, however, that Qdoba is specifically referring to the menu item as a cauliflower mash rather than cauliflower rice. Katy Velazquez, the chain’s executive chef, said in a statement the eatery considered cauliflower rice but opted for “a more innovative” approach. 

“We decided to launch the Mexican Cauliflower Mash instead of a cauliflower rice as it is a more innovative option and delivers an enhanced flavor experience for our guests. Oven-roasting fresh cauliflower in-house daily creates caramelized notes, savory flavors and great texture,” she said. 

Qdoba’s Mexican Cauliflower Mash is made fresh daily. It combines cauliflower, sour cream, fresh cilantro and pico de gallo for a punch of flavor. You can add it to your go-to burrito or bowl or try it in Qdoba’s new Cauli-Mash Low-Carb Chicken Bowl, which features the new mash, grilled adobo chicken, fajita veggies, and other tasty ingredients. 

Mexican Cauliflower Mash will officially be available starting December 22. 

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