Queso Pong Is the Ridiculous New Beer Pong for Snacks

If there's one flaw in America's greatest sport (not that this needs explaining, but we're talking about beer pong here) it's the drinking game's lack of processed cheese dip. It's the kind of problem so fundamental it goes unnoticed for decades until a visionary speaks up, and beer pong's visionary is West Coast taco spot Del Taco.

Its solution is queso pong.

Queso pong was invented on October 21 when Del Taco posted a brief clip to Facebook of a tortilla chip dropping into a red solo cup full of the brand's new queso. A hand then makes history by dipping that chip into the same cup, literally single-handedly inventing a new sport. Facebook's reaction was appropriately fervent. Thanks to the success of that video, Del Taco will be releasing queso pong packs on a limited basis.

Just to be clear here, queso pong is just beer pong played with queso. In the current iteration, you dip the chip into queso instead of chugging melted cheese, but this sport could change a lot on its way to the Olympics.

To help the fledgling sport along until it inevitably supplants baseball, Del Taco will be handing out 20 queso pong packs for free while supplies last on Friday, November 10 at 8pm at the Del Taco at 11066 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angles (near the campus of UCLA). Each pong pack will “include enough queso to fill 12 Del Taco branded cups most of the way, a rules sheet, a giant bag of chips, and of course, a handy pack to haul it,” a spokesperson told Food & Wine.

It's great that they're giving out these kits, but remember that this is part of our culture now, and it's up to all of us to make it the best sport it can be. So go buy some solo cups and queso and make up some arcane rules that give you an unfair advantage.

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