These Are the Questions People Outside the US Have About US Culture

Leaving home to visit another country can be confusing no matter where you're from or where you're going. Everyone does things a little differently and it's exciting to experience, but it's still confusing. 

A new Reddit thread asked "non-Americans... what common American culture reference would you like to have explained." The answers are great. They're great because you've probably experienced the confusion of traveling somewhere else and doing a double take when you learn cactus is great on tacos or chips aren't really chips.

However, it's a little harder to see all the ways the things you do are confusing for others. For instance one of the top questions is, "Do people genuinely share a room at uni?" Quite often, the questions and responses spark a fun dialogue, explaining things like "making out." 

Here are a few of the most interesting questions and responses. 

It's true. Die Hard is definitely a Christmas movie.

For another thread on similar topic, check out the Reddit thread on the US foods international tourists are most excited to try.

h/t Indy100

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