Quidditch Beer Pong Lets You Party Like You're at Hogwarts

Since the dawn of beer pong, generation after generation of frat dudes have sought to improve and innovate the ubiquitous college drinking game with special tables and inventions like beer-protecting cups. But now, it appears that some brilliant Harry Potter geeks have put their own spin on the game, so you can party like you're in the freaking Gryffindor Common Room. 

The game, carefully titled Unofficial Quidditch Pong, involves the signature circular rings seen on a Quidditch Pitch, Beaters' bats, a Golden Snitch ball, and the beer of your choice -- but probably this Butterbeer recipe if you're an insufferable overachiever -- *cough* Hermione *cough* -- or gifted in potions. Creators of the game emphasize the whole "unofficial" part, saying it's not authorized by J.K. Rowling, her publishers, or Warner Bros. 

Courtesy of Unofficial Quidditch Pong

The suggested setup is similar to your typical game of muggle beer pong, except for the addition of the three Quidditch rings placed between the two sets of cups as well as a separate "Snitch Cup" placed farther away, "at a distance that is difficult, but not impossible to make," according to the rules. Two teams of three people -- one person designated as the team's Seeker -- take turns making shots either through the hoops or around them. Successful shots through the hoop score you a bonus cup. Among other Harry Potter-inspired plays like spells, a team can exchange its three shots for one attempt by the Seeker to make the "Snitch Cup," which would end the game.

Unfortunately, the Quidditch Beer Pong set is currently sold out on the site, so if you really want to prove yourself as a champion, you'll have join the waiting list. But in the meantime, you can try to make your own set (just don't ask Seamus Finnigan for help), or you can always hit up the Room of Requirement. No matter what, Quidditch Pong responsibly.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and isn't big on beer pong, but would totally give this a shot. Send news tips to news@thrillist.com and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.