This Fat Raccoon Ate Too Much and Got Stuck in a Sewer Grate

Courtesy Zion Police

Your friendly neighborhood raccoon is having a hard time. 

Police in a Chicago suburb were called to the aid of a very fat raccoon on Thursday after it was found stuck in a sewer grate. The rotund creature, who looked both helpless and adorable in photos taken by Zion Police Department, ostensibly got stuck in the sewer grate after eating way too much food. Raccoons, it seems, can also be fat and greedy, much like their human overlords. As the police wrote on Facebook: "It seems this little guy has been eating a little too well and got caught in the sewer grate."

Here is a photo from the suspenseful scene:

Courtesy Zion Police

The police, who were unable to free the wayward creature from the jaws of the sewer, summoned help from the Zion Public Works Department, which had the tools to do the job. According to the police's breathless account from the scene, the raccoon was set free and was "no worse for wear," after becoming a temporary prisoner in a suburban sewer. 

Courtesy Zion Police

Fair thee well, portly little friend. 

[h/t NBC Chicago]

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