Turn Back Before You Know Ramen Bath Salts Are a Real Thing

Ramen Bath Salts

After a long day of work, you deserve to be pampered. With so much to worry about, you deserve the best money can offer. That's probably why you buy the 75-cent ramen noodle packet instead of the 35-cent one.

But why should your noodles get all the glory of soaking in that salty broth? You deserve that broth. The outside of your body deserves that broth. Enter the high-end world of ramen bath salts. It's a small world. In fact, it's basically limited to one site that's selling a variety of flavors of ramen-inspired bath salts for $3 a pop.

Ramen bath salts

What makes this a good idea? It's not clear and Google translate does a pretty poor job communicating why the company believes you need these. "Finally finished!? Rice smell of bath salts!?," the site reads in a poor translation, per Dangerous Minds. "Only in about likely go three times rice fragrance to a too delicious smell, and inspiring, but fasting use caution! Too much like the stomach, it will be in trouble!!"

It doesn't say whether or not your bath water will be edible, but that last sentence should give you pause.

There are a load of flavors available, so if you want to go to bed smelling like beef broth or have a hot date that would benefit from you reeking of salty chicken, well, the time is now.

Ramen Bath Salts

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. He's not rolling the dice on bath water. Follow him @dlukenelson.