There Is No Need for Newscasters to Rap, But They're Doing It Anyway

It's official. This video is all the evidence you'll ever need. Unless A$AP Rocky takes a job with NY1, newscasters should never, ever rap. ("Slow Jam the News" may be the exception, but that's not done by newscasters.)

This video from the News Be Funny YouTube channel compiles clips of broadcasters, who are otherwise fine journalists and meteorologists, inducing as many cringes as Larry David at a dinner party. The compilation features bad beats, ill-advised freestyles, and, in the case of the man who opens the video, an immaculate brain freeze.

It's impressive how many ways broadcasters have found to use off-kilter rhymes and arhythmic speed-talking for the daily forecast. It's actually understandable that most of the clips feature meteorologists. The weather segment doesn't change much day-to-day. So, kudos for trying to shake things up, even if it gets a little awkward. (Talking about touching your cameraman's mustache is always going to come off as a little creepy. Always.)

Maybe we should just be thankful that all of the clips don't start, "My name is X and I'm here to say."

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My name is Dustin and I'm here to say, I won't write this bio in a special way.